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Anxiety-Free Dental Care & Trauma Relief

The sound of a dentist's drill sends chills down every spine. Each patient experiences a different level of anxiety associated with dental work. Some have a very strong gag reflex, others suffer anxiety from a particularly painful experience in the dental chair. Some people may have had an experience in the past that is remembered when visiting the dentist, and some have other stress-related concerns. But if the anxiety and tension of a trip to the dentist prevent you from taking care of your teeth, it will help you to know that you have options.

Advances in dental technology can now eliminate the discomfort we associate with filling, drilling and even tooth cleaning. The use of sedation in a dental office by a trained professional is a safe and effective way to control anxiety and manage pain. All dentists use some form of local anesthesia to help control pain for their patients. That's the needle you expect when you are having dental work. However, for some patients and some procedures, local anesthesia is not a completely effective way to relieve pain and discomfort.

The Magathan Dental Centre is dedicated to helping patients conquer their fears. In addition to the relief found in our relaxing atmosphere, patient entertainment options (TV/DVD), and the attention of our professional and sympathetic team, our patients benefit from pain control procedures administered by Dr. Magathan. Patients receive a consultation with Dr. Magathan and her team, to decide together how to make treatment as pleasant as possible. Targeted pain control and sedation options are thoroughly discussed for longer procedures such as root canals, crowns or veneers that require a level of relaxation that sometimes cannot be achieved using local freezing alone.

Whether you or your children suffer from extreme dental phobia or only shudder slightly at the sight of a dentist's chair, our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy good dental health.