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Choice of Sedation

Dr. Magathan has two post-doctoral years of training from the University of Toronto Dental Anesthesia program. With a choice of sedative measures to choose from many people find, for the first time, they are actually comfortable visiting the dentist. Our patients can confidently choose between relaxing sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia.

Conscious Sedation

Oral anti-anxiety drugs (sleeping pills) and nitrous oxide, also known as "laughing gas" is perhaps the most commonly used type of Conscious sedation. These drug typically helps the patient feel more relaxed and at ease, although it does not help with pain management. For this reason, nitrous oxide is generally used in combination with local anesthetics.

Conscious IV and Deep Sedation

In some cases, something more intensive than anti-anxiety drugs is required. Conscious sedation allows the patient to reach a deeper state of relaxation, although they will remain conscious and responsive. Deep sedation is often used in young children who have extreme difficulty holding still during their dental visit. In this procedure, the patients will experience reduced consciousness.

General Anesthesia

The deepest level of anesthesia and patients are not aware of their surroundings.